Animal Tlatoque Overview

Animal Tlatoque - Recruiting, Retaining, and Educating Students in Computer Science through Interdisciplinary Themes

Diana Franklin, Phillip Conrad, Gerardo Aldana

Animal Tlatoque

What is Animal Tlatoque?

Animal Tlatoque was a 3-year NSF-funded summer camp offered in 2010, 2011, and 2012. This was an interdisciplinary curriculum combining mesoamerican culture, animal conservation, art, and computer science.

Our work resulted in several publications: "Assessment of Computer Science Learning in a Scratch-Based Outreach Program," Diana Franklin, Phillip Conrad, Bryce Boe, Katy Nilsen, Charlotte Hill, Michelle Len, Greg Dreschler, Gerardo Aldana, Paulo Almeida-Tanaka, Brynn Kiefer, Chelsea Laird, Felicia Lopez, Christine Pham, Jessica Suarez, Robert Waite, SIGCSE 2013.

"Hairball: Lint-inspired Static Analysis of Scratch Projects," Bryce Boe, Charlotte Hill, Michelle Len, Greg Dreschler, Diana Franklin, Phillip Conrad, SIGCSE 2013.

"Animal Tlatoque: Attracting Middle-School Students to Computing through Culturally-Relevant Themes," D Franklin, P Conrad, G Aldana, S Hough, N Avalos Cisneros, F Lopez, A Gonzalez, A Hernandez, S Jones, J Lopez, C Lu, N Moreno, P Ortiz, M Rochin, S Smith, SIGCSE 2011

"eVoices: A Website Supporting Outreach by Attracting Target Groups to Computer Science through Culturally Relevant Themes," S. Jones, A. Hernandez, P. Ortiz, P. Conrad, G. Aldana, D. Franklin, Conference of the Southwestern Region of the Consortium for Computing Sciences in Colleges (CCSC-SW 10)